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Windows Server 2012 R2 End of Life

Windows 2012 R2 Server is approaching end of life. Find out what you need to do to keep your business safe and secure.


What you need to know

What it means for your business

Windows Server 2012 R2 support is soon coming to an end. This means that from October 2023 all support for Windows Server 2012 R2 will stop, meaning that your server will not receive any security updates or help if anything goes down leaving it vulnerable to attacks. 

An easy and smooth transition

How we work with you to minimise disruption and Downtime

For an easy and smooth transition, we will work with you to ensure there is minimal disruption and downtime for you and your team, while we upgrade your server or systems.

Once our work is complete we will conduct user acceptance testing to run through anything you are unsure of, making sure everything goes as smoothly as it can.

Next steps

What you can do

It’s time to start thinking about how these changes will impact your business and IT infrastructure. Here are a few things you can do to get started.


Now, is the time to start looking forward. If you have often thought about moving to the Cloud with Microsoft Office365, perhaps now is a good time to start thinking how you can put those plans in place.


Upgrading your IT is an investment to the growth of your business. In order to plan effectively and keep your business secure, we advise you start to think about what your IT budget will look like for 2023.

Think time

Start planning now and don't leave it too late. You never know, it may be that your entire IT infrastructure needs upgrading to the latest version. So, it's always best to ensure that you have time on your side.

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Why you should take action

What happens if you do nothing

While your server will still work, your business will be at risk if anything were to happen. You will longer receive any security updates, official patches or bug fixes on your devices, making your network incredibly insecure. Start taking steps now to prepare.

Connecting IT all together

Find out what we can do

Let's talk about improving your IT Infrastructure