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Communicating IT right

VoIP and IP Telephony technologies are changing business dynamics by improving overall efficiencies with its flexibility, scalability, functionality and low cost. At MFM-IT we make the switch simple with our innovative Connect365 technology that seamlessly connects a digital communication system into your IT infrastructure.

What is Telephony?

Put simply telephony is used as way to communicate with each other interactively. Through technological advances and the rise of the internet, telephony has evolved from voice communication to include text messaging, video calling, video conferencing, voicemail, call recording and faxing.


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a term used to describe voice calls that are made over the internet – for example services like What’s App, FaceBook Messenger.

IP Telephony

IP Telephony are the phones used to make VoIP calls and includes a host of additional software based features that run on computers to replace the old analogue landline system (PTSN).


A benefit of IP telephony is the ability to connect via a mobile app. Our Connect365 software can be installed on Android or IOS mobile phones or PC softphone.

Telephony is the future

Investing in digital communication solutions not only improves and unifies business communication systems it also increases company productivity, enhances user engagement and facilitates collaboration.

Furthermore SME’s that have switched to IP telephony are recognising an increased efficiency and better functionality whilst spending less on their communication.

Increase Business Efficiency

Our VoIP system works anywhere with an internet connection whether in the office, on the road or at home. Communication is improved across the business as employees and customers both domestically/internationally can collaborate via a system which is accessed via softphone, mobile or physical handsets.

Increase efficiency of departments

Certain departments such as sales and customer services depend heavily on phone systems. VoIP systems are feature rich that greatly assist your employees.

What do you mean by cloud based?

A cloud based telephony system simply means a phone system that runs through your internet. It a solution that is fully managed and maintained by the highly skilled team here at MFM-IT.

Scalability and flexibility

Moving to our Cloud Based Telephony System provides the business with greater flexibility. This could be a need to connect the office with home workers or employees out on the road, whatever your need the system allows you to scale your business accordingly without demanding large investments.

Your Desktop Phone In Your Pocket

One of the greatest additions to IP Telephony is being able to connect via an app on your mobile device. We use our innovative Connect365 software that seamlessly connects your mobile via the app to your internal phone system to provide facilities such as internal call transfer, internal call routing, the ability to turn Do Not Disturb on or off or add a call forwarded setting to your office extension, all you need is an internet connection.

The power of Connect365

Find out more about our innovative Connect365 technology.

Added Functionality

VoIP gives businesses the ability to multi-task and increase productivity. A user can make calls whilst reading voicemail-to-text transcripts that were sent to their email inbox, forward voicemails on to other members of staff or see who is on the phone before attempting to transfer.

We can also make Microsoft Teams become your business phone system.

A Cost Effective Solution

Finding ways to save money is crucial to your bottom line. Landline calls placed over PSTN are limited to the number of physical telephone lines available, making them expensive and from 2025 they will cease to exist. Using the internet to transfer call data avoids this problem, making VoIP a cheaper option.

Flexible Costing Models

We offer a capital based price model or an operationally driven subscription model. Giving you the option to rent the phone handsets to help cash flow.

Connecting our services together

We provide innovative IT solutions that connect seamlessly together to ensure you experience a high quality service.

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Changing to a digital phone system couldn't be simpler.

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