Innovative Cloud Technology

IT anywhere

Our innovative cloud technology allows you to access your business applications securely from any location and any device as if you were in the office itself. Giving you the flexibility your business needs in order to survive in these challenging times.

Why use the Cloud?

There are many advantages to using our cloud services, especially in today’s challenging and unpredictable environment. Our innovative cloud technology is a fully managed and maintained solution. You can easily access you own desktop, software, emails, files and data from any device, anytime, anywhere.

Remote Working

Provides greater efficiency, productivity and flexibility and a consistent experience to allow staff to work remotely.

Pay Monthly

Having a flexible monthly subscription removes the capital costs of purchasing and running physical servers.

Enhanced Security

Your data is stored securely and replicated within our highly resilient and state-of-the-art datacentres.

Access from any device

We take care of all the clever behind-the-scenes stuff, so you do not need to worry. With cloud technology you can access your business applications from any device – as if you were in the office itself! Ideal for business of all sizes that have remote workers or staff on the go.

Access at all times

Cloud computing allows secure mobile access to corporate data via smartphones and devices.

Accessing IT anywhere

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Hosted Desktop

MFM-IT’s Hosted Desktop provides businesses with a fully managed, hassle free IT system, removing the need to purchase and maintain expensive servers on site. Our cloud based solution provides a flexible, adaptable and reliable platform for your business.

This means staff can access their own desktop, software, emails, data and files from any device as if they were in the office.

Flexible remote working

The new normal means providing employees with access to remote business systems. All data can be accessed via any device that has an internet connection. A laptop, phone, tablet, PC can all become the office without the need of having to physically be in it!

Did you know that remote working is the weakest part of your IT security?

Remote working has brought new dimensions for hackers to exploit which can leave your IT vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Enhanced security

All of your data is securely stored, backed up and replicated in our highly resilient datacentres. Enterprise level security systems help make sure your data is protected from ransomware, hackers and viruses and all managed by IT professionals.

Fully maintained

We fully manage your Cloud Desktop making sure it is available to you from anywhere 24/7. This means you never need to worry about IT issues as we have expertly designed and built a hassle-free cloud based package that is simple to use and fully maintained.

Centralised data for increased collaboration

All your data is centrally located within the cloud. This means your data is accessible from anywhere, making collaboration a simpler process. Team members can view and share information easily and securely across our cloud-based platform.

Cost saving and return on investment

Having a flexible monthly subscription means you know exactly where you are each month and can avoid the costly capital outlay and maintenance of physical servers. Once you are up in the cloud, easy access to company data will help make your IT more efficient.

Connecting our services together

We provide innovative IT solutions that connect seamlessly together to ensure you experience a high quality service.

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Find out how The Cloud can help your business.

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