Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust

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A collaborative approach to redesign and redevelop a modern IT infrastructure with a suite of bespoke IT services to better suit the needs of this amazing organisation.


Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust are a wildlife conservation charity where their vision is: More wildlife, more wild places, more people connected to the natural world. They have approx. 70 staff and deliver wildlife related projects all across Gloucestershire.

Here is Dave Kobylanski’s experience of MFM, who has been the IT Manager of the trust for over 2 years.


Improving IT issues

Previously the Trust were paying for a poor IT support service and didn’t have enough knowledge internally to solve IT issues. MFM were hired to be our IT solution at the same time as I was employed. We needed to work together to modernise our IT infrastructure as well as to improve processes and training and create a suite of bespoke IT services to better suit the needs of the organisation.

I am really proud that over the last two years that is exactly what we have done, together. I couldn’t have done it without the support of MFM.


Solutions based on the customer's best interests

MFM have been invaluable to us on so many occasions, and every time they have stepped up and delivered solutions that are based on our best interests.

We had to move out of our HQ while it was being refurbished and we were badly let down by our internet provider. This meant we would have had no internet at our new site for over 6 months. MFM set up an amazing point to point solution for beaming our internet across Gloucester to our new site. As always, they just went above and beyond to make sure we were up and running.


They know their stuff

I cannot recommend MFM enough. The support team handling phone enquiries are always polite, friendly and incredibly knowledgeable. They stick to their SLA’s and the service is prompt and accurate. As you go up to the project team and the owners… wow they know their stuff and they all specialise in different areas. I’m confident that for any realistic IT issue, MFM can help find a solution.


A smooth transition...

IT is a major component of any business, you simply can’t function without it and that requires support. Thankfully, we were already set up with laptops, VPN’s and mobile phones when Covid-19 hit. The transition to home was actually quite smooth for us but we had the backup of MFM the whole way. I know that MFM have several solutions to help those companies that don’t.

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